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World Bazaar India, Furniture supplier, New Delhi
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No. 843/1, MG Road, Ghitorini New Delhi-110030. India

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Randip Dhingra is the promoter of World Bazaar which is a lifestyle store based in New Delhi, India specializing in the Import, Wholesale and Retail of Outdoor Furniture, Indoor Wicker Furniture and Accessories form different countries.

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World Bazaar was started by Randip Dhingra and his wife Simran Dhingra who is an interior designer in 2003 . The specialty of World Bazaar lies in the exclusivity of their products… Having exclusive tie ups with European brands like Alexander Rose UK (which is currently sold in 18 countries across Europe- website-, 4Seasons outdoor(Netherlands- website- and Qui est paul ( France- ,  and the latest being Fermob, France( in Italy parasols from Scolaro( and also  outdoor planters from 3 companies in Europe. The best of these planters are from Saveri , Germany and Capi-Europe from the Netherlands. World bazaar represents these brands on a pan India basis and also distributes these products to smaller retailers in other cities like Calcutta, jaipur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad etc. World bazaar is listed supplier for outdoor furniture with many hotel chains as well across India..

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