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Satayam Gartex Pvt. Ltd.
Privately Held
+1000 Employees


174 -Laxman Dwar Near City Palace, Opp. to City Palace Museum, Jaipur – INDIA
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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of garments, soft furnishings, towels and fashion accessories like hand woven scarves, stoles, shawls and much more.

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Satayam Gartex Pvt. Ltd is an export company, founded in 2005 and store is located in the walled city area of Jaipur. Now we offer an online marketplace for buying Hand woven silk scarf, cotton scarf, stoles, shawls, Indigo clothes, Organic and Khadi clothes at best prices. We are devoted to giving you the most recent collection of women dresses, soft furnishings, towels, and fashion accessories. We can ship to anyplace in the world.

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Clamp dye wool shawl, Tie dye wool shawl, Hand woven silk scarf, Hand-woven towel, Indigo Clothes, Cotton block printed scarf, Shibori wool shawl, Hand-woven cotton scarves, Beach Towel, Organic Clothes, Bath Towel, Pashmina wool shawl, Marle wool shawl, Khadi Clothes


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