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Riya Agrofuel Industries


D-15/16, Sudhanlaxmi Society, B/h. Killol Hospital, Nr. Shakti Farsan Mart, Ellorapark, Vadodara - 390 023.
02662 243324
02662 243324

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Indian economy is being developed after its freedom. As fuel is the prime need of every industry. In our daily progress we need more fuels and hence the shortage of fuel is found. So, the materials are also unavailable in compare to their demand and that's why rates of fuel too are increasing rapidly day by day.It is the fact that other fuels can affect adversely to the nature.It creates much pollution as compare to BRIQUETTE and makes weather sultry.

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Now the main point is that Biomass Briquettes makes the fuel from agro wastages. Its simply a process of converting Agro waste, Forestry waste and Industrial waste into biomass Briquettes/Bio-Coal. The Biomass Briquetting is the best renewable energy for healthy environment and economy. It's a completely Eco-friendly green energy project. We all are well aware with the importance of Energy and its sources. Energy is the key factor in the development country. It is globally red alert for fossil fuel like Petrol, Kerosene, Natural Gas, LPG,and Lignite etc.This has made a huge gap between the demand and supply of energy.Renewable energy is the ultimate solution, which can fill this gap.This project is act as the BEST FROM WASTE. We know that every year million of tons agricultural wastes are been generated. They are either non-used of burn inefficiently in their loose form causing air pollution. Briquettes are ready substitute of Lignite, Coal, and Wood.It's made through binder less technique without use of any type of chemicals so that is 100% natural.It's Higher thermal calorific value around 4000Kcal/Kg.

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