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Kwik Metal Industries
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525/526, Shed No.2, B/h. Rudraksh Complex, Odhav Road, Odhav, Ahmedabad - 382 415. Gujarat. India.

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Manufacturer of Pressure cooker, Aluminum Pressure cooker,Jumbo Pressure Cooker,Big Size pressure Cooker,Kwitex Pressure Cooker

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Being a small factory we have initially started the production of within the range of 3 liter to 11 Liter at that time. With the guidance of some industrialists, who where vast experience in this field, we have started the production cookers. At the beginning of the production, we have started to manufacture milk boiler and idli stand in different sizes from the range of 3 plates to 10 plates. In 1972 we have started the production of middle size like 11, 13.5, 16.5, 18 Liter capacity presser cooker for big family, Restaurants, Dhaba, Hospitals etc. and within a short period of time we have got good results from the market. In 1980 we have taken another step in domestic Aluminium utensils by manufacturing 20 to 60 liter aluminium pressure cookers in the brand name of "KWITEX" and also by products for Dairy Udyog and textile parts like card cane. In 1984-85 Government of Gujarat planned for MID DAY MEAL scheme and we have filed our tender for Aluminum Utensils top with cover, Aluminum Parat, Aluminum Bucket, Stainless Steel utensils and galvanic products that we are rubricate. In the year 1990 we have started the production of Aluminum Pressure Cooker having the sizes 75 and 83 liter and put in the market and indeed we have got good response and started getting orders regularly. In this cooker one can cook food for at least 700 to 800 persons. We also got the help from Gujarat Energy Development Authority (GEDA) to manufacture the pressure cookers. Then in the year 2010 we have started the production of 108 and 160 liter pressure cooker and now we are getting order for the same regularly. One can cook food for at least 1000 to 1200 persons in 108 liter and in 160 liter pressure cooker 1500 to 1600 persons. As per our knowledge we are the first and only manufacturers of 160 Liter pressure cooker in India.

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