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Eileen Sharaga – Career Counselor & Coach NYC
New York City
New York City, Westchester, NJ, Connecticut, Long Island


420 East 64th Street

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Career counseling, coach and recognized expert on career development and workplace trends.Working with people to help them choose, change and advance their careers. She is also an advanced practitioner in the Myers-Briggs assessment.

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Eileen Sharaga is a career development specialist and a recognized authority on workplace issues and employment trends. As a career counselor, psychologist, consultant and educator, Ms. Sharaga works with individuals, businesses, college grads and professionals helping people choose, change and advance their careers. With a Master degree in counseling and career development, plus two decades of experience in business and industry, Ms. Sharaga provides a deep expertise in navigating today’s complex world of work. Having both a psychological and business background, she provides a unique perspective into penetrating the intricate patterns of careers in the workplace.

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